Editorial & Technical Expertise

I'm the one to call when you need help with:

meticulous editing or proofreading of a manuscript, technical or legal document, business report or website content
layout design or advanced document formatting
documenting operating procedures, processes, FAQs, user guides, instruction manuals and more
designing an organizational chart, flow chart or presentation
indexing, cross-referencing or developing tables of authorities and contents for legal briefs, pleadings or agreements
bookmarking, redacting or converting a PDF
creating, optimizing, securing or restoring a Wordpress, Drupal, eCommerce or HTML/CSS website
designing and developing a database or form (HTML, PHP, MySQL, Wordpress, Word or fillable PDF)
developing a knowledge base or web application, such as a wiki, blog, online help system, forum or portal

I provide editorial and technical expertise to small businesses, agencies, lawyers, event producers, project managers, entrepreneurs and consultants across a broad range of industries.

Copy Editing

Focuses on standardizing your grammar, spelling, punctuation, numerals, capitalization and other mechanics of style

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Technical Editing

Ensures complex technical processes are depicted clearly and vividly, and that all text, graphics and illustrations are easy to understand

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Substantive & Line Editing

Moderate to heavy editing focusing on organization and flow at the sentence, paragraph and chapter levels

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XML/HTML Editing

Editing performed directly on content exported from your CMS as XML files or web pages in HTML

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  • Get help from a REAL editor.

    Consistency, conciseness and clarity in your work
    Professional, worry-free and thorough editorial process
    Polishing of your words without sacrificing your personal style
    Pricing per project (versus per hour, word or page) and flexible payment terms
    Editing services customizable to meet your unique situation

  • Partner with a highly skilled and dedicated virtual technical administrator.

    Stress-free access to reliable high-tech expertise with over 20 years' experience
    Enhanced productivity — no traditional office downtime to cut into productivity
    Cost-effective, simple pricing — pay only for the time you need
    Reduced costs in overhead — no paying for office space, furnishings, equipment, benefits
    More time for you to focus on running and growing your business


I love how Tia's choice for words are so accurate. It is absolutely amazing how I wrote something one way and she made it sound more professional and exciting to read! I appreciated how she never made me feel like "just a client." I felt like she was more of a partner due to her warm, inviting spirit and her dedication to my book's success. It was as if we knew each other personally.

Trish Hill, CEO, stylist, author, speaker

Tia's in-depth knowledge of web design, WordPress, plugins and all of the other multiple types of software, tools and resources we could utilize to achieve my goals was astonishing, but her attention to detail and customer service was even more extraordinary. I would recommend Tia's services to anyone in need. In fact, I already have.

Quenton "Q" Coleman, comic, entertainer, poet

I have had the pleasure of working with Tia for several years as she has supported several initiatives for my company in general business consulting, project management and editing and technical writing programs. Tia's attention to detail, broad range of knowledge and experience that spans several business verticals has proven to be a great asset to me in the past.

Sherry James, PMP

I hereby crown Tia Ross 'Grammar Queen.' Her copyediting expertise helped to increase the pace and improve the flow of my novel. In addition, her straight-to-the-point comments and inquiries, by-products of her acute attention to detail, helped to further enhance my manuscript.

Yolanda C. Brooks

As a beginning writer, I'd heard several scary stories about editing services and was a bit leery with whom I trusted with my work. I also wanted an editor that truly understood African-American writing. Tia proved to be a valuable resource for me, as well as a one-stop shop for other literary services, including career advisement, help with finding an agent, and information about publishing houses and printers. Her eagle eye has saved me much embarrassment! I can't believe the mistakes I missed even after reading my work myself numerous times before sending it to Tia.

Jessica Mims

Technical Virtual Administrative Consulting

Technical expertise for the not-so high-tech

Technical Writing

Diagram & Presentation Design

Web Design & Security

Web App Development

Database Development

Computer Forensics

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