Tia Ross

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The Entrepreneur

Tia Ross is the founder of Tia Ross Editorial and Boss Meetings & Events. She is also co-founder and director of Writeful Places LLC, the community for writers who love to travel, and she was the creator of its predecessor and now subsidiary, Black Writers Events, which she founded in 2000. Each organization is dedicated to providing writers' conferences, retreats, and other programs for authors and literary entrepreneurs.

Tia has appeared in The New York Times, Writer's Digest, and Black Issues Book Review, among others, and on CBS and Fox for her flagship event and the first touring conference for writers of color, the legacy-defining Black Writers Reunion & Conference. Her talent for creating programs that nurture creative writers has helped hundreds of aspiring authors to fulfill their dreams of getting their works into print. Tia is a proven master at orchestrating impeccable blending of people and resources and delivering outstanding results.

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The Planner

Boss Meetings & Events

Tia believes the difference between ordinary events and extraordinary events lies in the details — and she’s obsessed with them. A meetings maestro and event planner with 17 years of experience and a solid reputation for flawless production, Tia handles venue sourcing, contract negotiations, event design, speaker management, logistics, and event technology integration for academia, businesses, associations, organizations, and individuals across North America, the Caribbean, and beyond.

Tia Ross

The Business Consultant

Tia Ross & Co.

Gifted with a distinctive blend of creative and technical prowess, Tia's technical skills span web design and development, web applications development, WordPress, eCommerce, database design and programming, spreadsheets, computer forensics, content management, knowledge base development, blog customization, and technology training. Her technical writing background has encompassed primarily documentation of software user guides, training manuals, policies, operating procedures, proposals and responses to RFPs, online help, and FAQs.

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The Editor

Tia Ross Editorial

A copyeditor with skill as expansive as her technical background, Tia was once named among the top 37 freelance book doctors in the U.S. (Writer's Digest). She has edited dozens of nonfiction and fiction works, theses, dissertations, and thousands of legal and business documents for over 20 years. With her extensive coding and scripting experience, she easily polishes content in HTML, XML, Visual Basic, JavaScript, PHP, Python and other languages while leaving the integrity and structure of the code intact. She works extensively with mobile and web applications, blogs, and content management systems of all sizes and complexity. She has managed teams of writers and editors for multiple, overlapping projects with finesse, adhering to any one of a dozen style manuals in which she is versed.