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I’m an entrepreneur, editor, event director, group travel consultant, and startup symposium launch coach. When I’m not scouting locations or coaching a client through launching their first conference, retreat, or travel club trip, I’m editing digital content, magazines, technical and business documents, or manuscripts. If you’re looking to be introduced to my various ventures, you’ve come to the right place!

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My website offers a quick run-down of who I am along with a portal to the different projects I have my hands in and other things I’m doing.

Tia Ross

Who I Am

About Tia Ross

Tia Ross is a passion-centered entrepreneur with a lifelong legacy of using her gifts to inspire, empower, and serve others. A Renaissance woman with an extraordinarily versatile range of talents and skills, Tia’s successes have all been based in her masterful organizational abilities, resourcefulness, attention to detail, and impressive depth of “know-how.” 

Tia is the founder and CEO of multiple companies that all revolve around her passions for writing, reading, editing, event planning, and travel and her desire to continue to make a purposeful impact in the communities to which she belongs.

Tiari LLC
"Your talent is God's gift to you; what you do with it is your gift to God."
-Leo Buscaglia

Current Projects

COPYRIGHT Boss Meetings & Events

Editorial Freelancers Association Conference

August 21-23, 2019
Swissotel Chicago
>> The-EFA.org


Koindanomics Magazine

Editor-in-Chief over digital, website and magazine content
>> Koindanomics.com

COPYRIGHT Seas to See Travel

Travel Club-Soul Beach Music Fest

May 21-25, 2020
Palm Beach, Aruba

Writeful Places

Writeful Places Costa Rica

To be announced

My Other Entities

Client Reviews

Any success that I’ve had as a writer/editor can be traced back to my first experience with Tia Ross. When I attended one of her conferences in Atlanta in 2000, it jump-started my writing career, and not just because of the inspiration, motivation, skills development and professional guidance it provided (and there was plenty of all of that)! The services Tia offers are so impeccably planned, well-organized and superbly executed, they set a standard of quality and excellence that I still aspire to–not only in my writing process, but also in my entrepreneurial endeavors and my life in general.
David McGoy
Having attended a number of events managed by Tia Ross, I’ve learned that she is a master at pulling together the components of a successful event and program. Her events are enlightening, engaging and fun! I am impressed by the way the events are organized and executed to meet the expectations of those in attendance. This includes the choice of venue, quality of speakers, agenda, and the attention to detail that her staff provides, and I’m looking forward to attending her future events.
Si'Mone Ferguson
If I were to boil down my experience at writing functions run by Tia Ross to one word – beside “quality” – that word would have to be “efficient.” I’m a HUGE believer in not having my time wasted, so having been to other conferences previously with events scheduled to start at 9AM that didn’t begin until 9:35, making you late to another event you wanted to attend, I was very appreciative that that wasn’t the case at her events. Couple that with the programs themselves that were well run, of interest and chock full of helpful information, I can say it was a great return on my investment. I left feeling well-equipped to taking my writing to the next level as attendees are given plenty of information and resources. Now what you do with all that is on you, but you certainly walk away with the tools to make it happen!
Askia Farrell
Tia Ross-Renaissance Woman

Tia Ross, Renaissance Woman

Tia Ross, founder and director of Black Writers Events, was recently featured among Women Making History in honor of Women’s History month. In this insightful …

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