Tia Ross

Hi, I'm Tia.

I’m an entrepreneur and yogi in the events, travel, tourism, and writing/editing industries.

I travel the world in search of experiences and destinations at which to curate retreats for writers, editors, and other groups. A certified yoga instructor, I incorporate yoga, meditation, freewriting, and other techniques into my writing retreats to help release, nurture, and sustain creative energy. I also help clients create, organize, and host retreats and conferences of their own, planning and booking group travel for groups of 10 or more.

Additionally, I own an editing firm with a team of elite editors. My team specializes in line editing, copyediting, and proofreading fiction, nonfiction, academic, medical, science, and business materials. I edit fiction and nonfiction for “Big 5” publishers HarperCollins, Simon & Schuster, Penguin Random House, and Hatchette Book Group imprints as well as documents, publications, and digital content for nonprofit, tourism, hospitality, tech, marketing, training, and consulting organizations. 

Meticulous clarity. Consummate style.

Editing & Proofreading

WordWiser Ink is a boutique editorial studio for authors, entrepreneurs and organizations who want to give their audience clear, concise, and compelling content without the stress of trying to edit everything on their own. The WWI team specializes in editing for people who want their writing to position them as an expert, connect with readers, convey their voice, and express their ideas without the embarrassment of omitted words, faulty grammar, typos, redundancies, inconsistent or vague language, or other writing weaknesses that can ruin credibility and cost them readers and sales. 

WE PLAN. You Relax and Enjoy.

Events, Travel & Tourism

Boss Events & Travel offers expert event planning and related group travel management for event hosts and organizations seeking to produce stellar events while leaving the minute details to the experts. We work with organizers to find and source venues in the right locations, negotiate equitable contracts, and coordinate and book air travel, transfers, excursions, and programs for meetings, incentive, team-building, celebratory, leisure, alumni, sports, academic, and social groups.
Tia Ross, Retreat Curator
Tia Ross, Event Planner
Tia Ross, Conference Planner
Retreat Curators
Retreat Curators
My team blends beautiful destinations, luxury venues, tours, and activities with programs that inspire creativity in written expression and rejuvenate mind, body, and spirit.
Retreat Curators
Event Architect
Event Architect
I guide clients through launching purpose-driven retreats and multi-day conferences from idea to wrap-up, coordinating with on-site event managers throughout the planning phase to ensure all details are handled.
Event Architect
Group Travel Advisors
We work with leisure group travel organizers to find and source venues in the right locations, negotiate equitable contracts, manage room blocks, and book air travel, transfers, and excursions.
Group Travel Advisors
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Other Projects

A global luxury retreat for writers and editors

A membership-based organization dedicated to nurturing and empowering Black writers

A directory of Black freelance editorial professionals

"Your talent is God's gift to you; what you do with it is your gift to God."
-Leo Buscaglia

What Clients Say About Me

Tia, you are such a blessing!! You’re the epitome of what building a village should look like in our community. 💜
E. Parker
Author, Editor & Book Coach
I am so grateful for the editors directory you built. BEP has been INVALUABLE. I am now booked four months in advance as of today. Unfathomable. I never prepared myself to see it coming, but you said it was possible. Had I known before what I know now, I probably would've left Grambling ready to edit. But I was so conditioned to find a job. I did, and I hated every one of 'em. I now get to do one thing: read books all day and get paid for it. Literally. I don't even know what else to tell you except "Thank you for being visionary!" BEP is priceless.
Shaundale Rena
Editor, Author & Ghostwriter
Any success that I’ve had as a writer/editor can be traced back to my first experience with Tia Ross. When I attended one of her conferences in Atlanta in 2000, it jump-started my writing career, and not just because of the inspiration, motivation, skills development and professional guidance it provided (and there was plenty of all of that)! The services Tia offers are so impeccably planned, well-organized and superbly executed, they set a standard of quality and excellence that I still aspire to–not only in my writing process, but also in my entrepreneurial endeavors and my life in general.
David McGoy

One of the most courageous things I’ve ever done is to allow others to play voyeur to my most private thoughts by memorializing them in a series of books. I knew that I would be selling myself short if I did not entrust my work to an editor with the integrity, experience, and professionalism to make a good writer a great one—an editor like “the” incomparable Tia Ross. I say the name with reverence because that is how the news was received when I made mention of Tia to one of the local bookstore owners who carry my books. Her stellar reputation precedes her.

Tia’s reliability, work ethic, and extraordinary skills as an editor are only surpassed by her generosity of spirit and her willingness to share her vast store of knowledge with others to ensure their success. I am a better writer because of her. Thank you, Tia, for your guidance. Thank you for sharing your resources. And thank you so very much for the fantastic job you do with my novels.

If you are a serious writer and want to elevate a good manuscript to a great one, you need the best editor in the industry. You need Tia Ross.

Carolyn Holland
If I were to boil down my experience at writing functions run by Tia Ross to one word—beside “quality”—that word would have to be “efficient.” I’m a HUGE believer in not having my time wasted, so having been to other conferences previously with events scheduled to start at 9AM that didn’t begin until 9:35, making you late to another event you wanted to attend, I was very appreciative that that wasn’t the case at her events. Couple that with the programs themselves that were well run, of interest and chock full of helpful information, I can say it was a great return on my investment. I left feeling well-equipped to taking my writing to the next level as attendees are given plenty of information and resources. Now what you do with all that is on you, but you certainly walk away with the tools to make it happen!
Askia Farrell
Having attended a number of events managed by Tia Ross, I’ve learned that she is a master at pulling together the components of a successful event and program. Her events are enlightening, engaging and fun! I am impressed by the way the events are organized and executed to meet the expectations of those in attendance. This includes the choice of venue, quality of speakers, agenda, and the attention to detail that her staff provides, and I’m looking forward to attending her future events.
Si'Mone Ferguson
Tia Ross
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