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Tia Ross

What I Do

I’m an event technology and planning consultanttechnical project manager, and editor. Through my freelance consulting and project management services, I ensure clients are utilizing the right applications and tools to achieve their objectives. I work directly with organizations, businesses, and entrepreneurs to produce events and effectively integrate and deploy software technologies. I help clients with launching newly created events, placing events at venues worldwide and negotiating equitable contracts. I manage clients’ website development projects, utilizing my background as a programmer to help clarify communications between clients and developers. I serve as a liaison, making project completion less confusing, frustrating, time-consuming and costly for clients. I also work with clients to manage and optimize web and knowledge base content by establishing or overhauling flawed taxonomies and metadata, auditing existing data, and editing and optimizing content. 

As a freelance editor, I work with enterprise and digital content of all types; legal, business, and technical documents; and two or three carefully hand-picked fiction and nonfiction projects per year.

"Your talent is God's gift to you; what you do with it is your gift to God."
-Leo Buscaglia

My Companies

Boss Events & Travel

Event launch, planning and group travel consulting

Tia Ross Editorial

Corporate, legal and organization freelance editorial consulting

WordWiser Ink Editing Services

Editorial services agency with a team of expert editors and writers

Writeful Places

Writers’ retreats in exotic destinations worldwide

A membership-based organization dedicated to nurturing and empowering Black writers

A directory of Black freelance editorial professionals

Client Reviews

Any success that I’ve had as a writer/editor can be traced back to my first experience with Tia Ross. When I attended one of her conferences in Atlanta in 2000, it jump-started my writing career, and not just because of the inspiration, motivation, skills development and professional guidance it provided (and there was plenty of all of that)! The services Tia offers are so impeccably planned, well-organized and superbly executed, they set a standard of quality and excellence that I still aspire to–not only in my writing process, but also in my entrepreneurial endeavors and my life in general.
David McGoy
Having attended a number of events managed by Tia Ross, I’ve learned that she is a master at pulling together the components of a successful event and program. Her events are enlightening, engaging and fun! I am impressed by the way the events are organized and executed to meet the expectations of those in attendance. This includes the choice of venue, quality of speakers, agenda, and the attention to detail that her staff provides, and I’m looking forward to attending her future events.
Si'Mone Ferguson
If I were to boil down my experience at writing functions run by Tia Ross to one word – beside “quality” – that word would have to be “efficient.” I’m a HUGE believer in not having my time wasted, so having been to other conferences previously with events scheduled to start at 9AM that didn’t begin until 9:35, making you late to another event you wanted to attend, I was very appreciative that that wasn’t the case at her events. Couple that with the programs themselves that were well run, of interest and chock full of helpful information, I can say it was a great return on my investment. I left feeling well-equipped to taking my writing to the next level as attendees are given plenty of information and resources. Now what you do with all that is on you, but you certainly walk away with the tools to make it happen!
Askia Farrell
Black Writers Collective

Full Circle With Black Writers: Reigniting the Vision

After hosting Writeful Places writers’ retreats in Aruba and Palm Springs, CA, it became more obvious with each event how critical it was for attendees …

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Tia Ross Joins the New Koindanomics Magazine as Editor-in-Chief

When I was approached to join the team of Koindanomics Magazine as Editor-in-Chief, my interest was immediately piqued. A venture with a susu USP dedicated …

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EFA Conference 2019

Conference for Editors: A Marriage of Two Passions

Early in my freelance editing career, about 20 years ago, I first learned of the Editorial Freelancers Association. I would have joined, but at that …

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Seas to See Travel

Tia’s Travel Agency: It’s All About Groups

As I was planning another international retreat last year, it occurred to me that the time was right to finally add a travel agency to …

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Black Editors & Proofreaders

New Resource for Black Writers and Editors

Skilled Black freelance editors can be hard for Black writers to find. Many writers are still being ripped off by self-proclaimed editors who couldn’t edit their …

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Tia Ross Featured in VoyageDallas Magazine’s Inspiring Stories Interview

I was recently featured in VoyageDallas Magazine’s Inspiring Stories series. Here’s a snippet of the interview that tells how I got started and to where …

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Tia Ross Editor, Writer, President of WordWiser Ink, Boss Meetings and Black Writers Events

Tia Ross Appointed to Editorial Freelancers Association Board of Directors

New York, NY—June 22, 2017—Editorial Freelancers Association (“EFA”) today announced that Tia Ross, founder of Tia Ross Editorial, has been elected to its Board of …

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Tia Ross Featured in NaNoWriMo Blog Interview

National Novel Writing Month Interview with Tia Ross of Black Writers Events We feel so lucky that NaNoWriMo has such an amazing creative community of …

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Guess Who’s Coming to WriterCon?

Editorial Freelancers Association will be present at the 10th DFW WriterCon Writers Conference at the Sheraton Hotel in Dallas, Texas. I’ll be representing the Dallas/Fort …

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