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My passions for writing, editing, and travel can be traced back to my childhood when I could usually be found trekking across the country on yet another road trip with my parents or perusing pages of book after book in the back seat or the nearest libraries and bookstores, unconsciously studying craft and the intricacies of style before I even knew what editorial style was. Whether editing on my first job for U.S. military recruiters or for classmates in high school, I’ve been on an editor path from the start. The reason? I love written expression and exploring the intricacies of grammar and style as much as I adore exploring this beautiful planet we call home.

Early in my career, I was named by Writer’s Digest among 37 of the top book doctors in the U.S. Since then, I have worked for clients like Hachette Book Group, HarperCollins, Simon & Schuster, Penguin Random House, Color Of Change, Southern Poverty Law Center, Ten35, and thousands of lawyers, accountants, and engineers at dozens of law and consulting firms.

While building a brand as a professional editor may look effortless, starting a business at age 26 with no resources, network, or funding taught me the keys to success as well as failure. I began documenting things I’d learned along the way while coaching and mentoring aspiring and beginning editors to launch and scale their own businesses. In So You Want to Be an Editor . . . But Can You Edit?, I offer insight into critical matters most newbies don’t think about before hanging out a shingle.


Equally techie as I am creative, my degrees are all either I.T. or writing-related and include an Associate of Arts in creative and professional writing, an Associate of Applied Science in Information Technology with emphasis in software and database programming, and a Bachelor of Science in Information Science and Technology (with a self-declared minor in user experience). Throw in a few certificates in digital forensics, web development, content strategy, project management, ITIL, and Six Sigma, a bunch of Salesforce badges and superbadges (Administrator certification in the works), and over two decades of experience in information architecture, UX writing, technical writing, web design, accessibility, and search engine optimization … and you get the picture.


Beyond editing books and publications, I travel the world to experience as many locales and cultures firsthand prior to booking them for groups as I can. I especially enjoy introducing clients to new places and helping clients to launch and manage well-executed, cost-effective conferences and retreats. I founded the first touring conference for Black writers in 2000, hosting seven before shifting to the retreat format after the 2012 conference.


“Yoga, like writing, is a direct path to a therapeutic, mind-body connection. My practice has become an ongoing transformational experience I can’t see myself not practicing and sharing with others.” 

I’m committed to fitness and have practiced yoga for most of my life. I’m an ISSA-certified Yoga Alliance-registered yoga instructor (RYT) with an enviable malasana, guiding and teaching mixed yoga, the art of deep stretches, meditations, and challenging poses while gaining new inspiration and inspiring others. Don’t be surprised if my next venture is a yoga retreat. ;)

Tia Ross, Certified RYT yogi

Kailua, Hawaii

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