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LinkedIn Training & Resources

If you are looking to learn how to optimize your LinkedIn profile, whether for business or professional reasons, the following free resources offer all the information you need to know. Each link below will open in a new tab so you don’t lose your place here.


Learning LinkedIn – From LinkedIn Learning itself, this free step-by-step course walks you through every single thing there is to know about setting up and enhancing your LinkedIn profile. 

How to Connect With Others on LinkedIn – Easy, free ways to get business connections

LinkedIn Profile Customization for Entrepreneurs (free FastCompany ebook/PDF) – Whether it’s getting noticed by your target audience or opening doors for networking opportunities, the optimization of your LinkedIn profile can get you there.


Step-by-Step Guide to Marketing Your Business on LinkedIn – Gary Vee

How to Use LinkedIn to Get Clients

How to Use LinkedIn for Business (free Hubspot ebook/PDF) – Make LinkedIn an integral part of your social media marketing

LinkedIn Sandler Way to Maximize Your Sales (free ebook/PDF) – Efficiently leverage LinkedIn to find more prospects and maximize your sales with this guide to creating a client-focused, client-attracting profile, quality prospecting, and making contact

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