New Resource for Black Writers and Editors

Black Editors & Proofreaders

Skilled Black freelance editors can be hard for Black writers to find. Many writers are still being ripped off by self-proclaimed editors who couldn’t edit their way out of paper bags because they don’t know how to find or identify credible professionals. It can also be difficult at times for busy Black editors to reach new clients efficiently or inexpensively.  This directory is designed to help combat all three problems. 

Although I’ve hosted a brief list of editors on Black Writers for a couple of years, it offered only scant information to help seekers to choose from among those listed. This directory offers full-page profiles on each editor with a photo, links to social media accounts and websites, contact information, and brief interviews to share more insight into our backgrounds, areas of expertise, and practice areas.

The directory is designed to include editors of all kindsnot just editors of fiction and nonfiction. Applicants are required to meet the same criteria as other professional editors’ directories and must have a professional-looking website that’s geared toward their editing services. In other words, they can’t have a site promoting themselves solely as a life coach. They also must have a verifiable list of credits in the genres or specialties they claim.

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