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I am so grateful for the editors directory you built. BEP has been INVALUABLE. I am now booked four months in advance as of today. Unfathomable. I never prepared myself to see it coming, but you said it was possible. Had I known before what I know now, I probably would've left Grambling ready to edit. But I was so conditioned to find a job. I did, and I hated every one of 'em. I now get to do one thing: read books all day and get paid for it. Literally. I don't even know what else to tell you except "Thank you for being visionary!" BEP is priceless.​
Shaundale Réna
Editor, Author & Ghostwriter


“One of the most courageous things I’ve ever done is to allow others to play voyeur to my most private thoughts by memorializing them in a series of books. I knew that I would be selling myself short if I did not entrust my work to an editor with the integrity, experience, and professionalism to make a good writer a great one–an editor like “the” incomparable Tia Ross. I say the name with reverence because that is how the news was received when I made mention of Tia to one of the local bookstore owners who carry my books. Her stellar reputation precedes her.

Tia’s reliability, work ethic, and extraordinary skills as an editor are only surpassed by her generosity of spirit and her willingness to share her vast store of knowledge with others to ensure their success. I am a better writer because of her. Thank you, Tia, for your guidance. Thank you for sharing your resources. And thank you so very much for the fantastic job you do with my novels. If you are a serious writer and want to elevate a good manuscript to a great one, you need the best editor in the industry. You need Tia Ross.” – Carolyn Holland, New Jersey

“The first year of law school means legal writing 101, which for me meant many sleepless nights…until Tia. As an expert editor of everything from fiction to legal and business docs, Tia was able to help me not only in law school but in my professional pursuits after the bar. Tia’s professionalism, skill and talent have been invaluable to me and so many others that I have referred. Her quick turnaround and insightful feedback have made me a better lawyer and writer. If you have a project that needs editing, do yourself a favor and hire Tia Ross.” – Detra Hicks, Esq., Los Angeles, California

“As a beginning writer, I’d heard several scary stories about editing services and was a bit leery with whom I trusted with my work. I also wanted an editor that truly understood African-American writing. Tia proved to be a valuable resource for me, as well as a one-stop shop for other literary services, including career advisement, help with finding an agent, and information about publishing houses and printers. Her eagle eye has saved me much embarrassment! I can’t believe the mistakes I missed even after reading my work myself numerous times before sending it to Tia.”–Jessica Mims

“Tia is an exceptional technical writer and people person. When she applied for a position with the company, the hiring director was so impressed with her that he created a new position. She is an excellent resource and pleasure to work with.” – Demitrius Nelon, Dallas, Texas

“I have had the pleasure of working with Tia for several years as she has supported several initiatives for my company in general business consulting, project management and editing and technical writing programs. Tia’s attention to detail, broad range of knowledge and experience that spans several business verticals has proven to be a great asset to me in the past.” – Sherry James, Texas

“Thank you so much, Tia. You are more than awesome. The bio reads wonderfully, and it’s straight to the point. I’ll say it again: you are a WORD WIZARD! Also, I truly appreciate your honest advice. Success is on its way for me!”–Deante Young

The service that I have received from Tia Ross has been incredible with superb efficiency, fast project turnarounds, and cost-effective services. I sincerely TRUST Tia and, under her guidance and professional expertise, have seen a vast improvement in my writing. She really cares about developing and furthering the literary careers of her clients.”–Erika McCarden

“Thank you for being my editor. I only wish that I had met you sooner. I was impressed by the depth of your edit. You pointed out things that made me want to hit myself in the hand, wondering why I did that.” –Natasha Usher

“A manuscript is an investment. It is a statement forever attributable to your name. After you have slaved over it, sweated over it, and prayed over it, the last thing you need is mediocre editing. Thank you for transforming my manuscript from a diamond in the rough to a polished gem.” –Jamellah Ellis

“I found the work performed on my manuscript extremely helpful, professional, and demonstrated insight only gained from a seasoned editor.” –Clifton Weaver

“I hereby crown you ‘Grammar Queen.’ Your copyediting expertise helped to increase the pace and improve the flow of my novel. In addition, your straight-to-the-point comments and inquiries, by-products of your acute attention to detail, helped to further enhance my manuscript.” –Yolanda C. Brooks

“I was stymied on how to set just the right tone for a business letter I was writing. After going over it again and again, I called Tia. She immediately zeroed in on the purpose of my letter and the message I wanted to convey. She revamped my letter to effectively relay what I wanted to say and I got the results I wanted.” –Adrienne Johnson


Technical Skill

“I met Tia over a decade ago where she and I were two of few women working in the male dominated area of web design. As the saying goes, birds of a feather. During the following years, I have had both the opportunity to work with her and learn from her. If you know Tia, you know she not only wears many hats, she wears them well. She is an accomplished web designer, event planner, project manager, copy editor, and philanthropist. She not only founded the Black Writers Reunion and Conference, she also served as the event planner of this top-notch conference. Tia is recognized in the literary community as a person who gets things done. Tia has put so many authors on the right tract to getting their books published and getting their books sold! Any organization would benefit by having Tia Ross as a team member. She is professionalism personified. I am honored to recommend Tia, and you would be fortunate to have her in your organization.” – Pam Walker-Williams, Clear Lake, Texas

“You were this formidable, determined professional when we met and have not diverged one inch from that mission. So many congratulations on your network/events. You’ve made it possible to help yourself, others, and the community in one fell swoop, and you will be remembered that way across the nation! To top it off, your legacy might be even greater for the brilliant job you’ve done as a mother. It’s my honor to say Thank You, Tia. Keep goin “hord” till the wheels fall off!” – Cho Flagg, Hollywood, California

“Tia Ross is an innovator in the social media arena and has proven herself to be a dynamic web designer. I highly recommend her to any high performing organization.” – Daryl Green – Professor/Author/Lecturer, North Carolina

“Tia is my “go to” person. She is always first on my list for any questions I may have that are HTML or “writing” oriented. She is intelligent, hard-working, professional, speedy and extremely knowledgeable. I cannot think of any questions that she can’t seem to answer and quickly. I’ve also read many of her blogs and other writings and her stories are completely captivating! Her imagination and everyday life influences keep me hanging on with anticipation. She continues, and will always be, my number one literary inspiration.” – Felicia Harris, Texas

“Dynamic. Interactive. Engaging. Provocative. Professional. All words describing Tia’s flair for turning pages with words and images into attention-getting websites that leave no doubt they’ve been touched by a professional. Tia is skilled in creating websites that fit the audience her clients are looking to attract. I have watched her skills evolve over the years. She always manages to stay on top of the latest additions to the field of Web development, harnessing them to their fullest potential in her newest creations. What I love most about her work is her ability to lend a different vibe to every site. Nothing cookie-cutter about her work; each site with its own unique style.” – Nandi Asase Yaa, Georgia

“The pleasure of meeting Tia occurred shortly after my second book was published, around 2001. She solicited my participation in the startup of a local writers’ group in Houston. That was when I learned of her genius computer skills and technology savvy. She designed my first web presence and talked me through many of the endless tech foibles I experienced. She is one of a handful of individuals in this computer age possessing the practical understanding and unique skill that I know. I trust her implicitly, assured that once she makes a commitment to a task, she will definitely follow through, and with flying colors! I recommend her wholeheartedly.” – Margie Walker – Professor, Author, Speaker, Houston, Texas

“Tia is a dedicated, highly skilled technical professional. Her skills range from web development, project management, to database programming and e-commerce. She is always willing to help and answer questions with patience. I eagerly recommend Tia Ross to anyone looking for someone who is dedicated and competent.” – Michelle Chester

“I want to thank Tia for insightful feedback while I was designing my website. Tia noticed countless small, but important, details that were essential in improving my site. I was astonished at the little things she pointed out that make my site look and operate better.”– Cindi Louis

“Our school has received many compliments on the professional look and parent-friendly new design of our website thanks to the talents of our web administrator, Tia.”–Karen Kizzee Harkey, Headmistress, Choices Leadership Academy

“Tia is an Internet genius. It was after her urging that I established a website that made it much simpler for readers and booksellers to locate me. Following her advice was one of the best things I could have done to keep my career on track.” –Francis Ray, Author www.FrancisRay.com

“I highly suggest anyone seeking synergy and the propelling of their business or projects to utilize the skills of Tia Ross. In recommending anyone for mission critical project management activities, one must be sure of capabilities. Tia is more than capable; she is a consummate professional. From a superior proficiency standpoint, I would recommend her skill sets in the following areas from personal knowledge: Web Development, Project Management, Programming, Design, Scripting, Database Programming, SEO, Marketing, E-Commerce and WordPress. You will find her focused with a strict attention to detail and very conscience of on-time delivery of projects. You will be delighted in results driven by Ms. Tia Ross.” – Tye Taylor

“We were looking for advice and evaluations that would separate our website from the rest of the field. Tia provided our company with the critique we needed to move in that direction. Not only did she make suggestions, but she also pinpointed common mistakes found on most websites.”–Brian Egeston

“With 15 years’ experience in the field, Tia Ross has more than proven herself as a web developer. She has set her mark and branded key concepts within the profession. Tia’s work is sharp, succinct and solution-oriented. Her stable background within the areas of project management, writing/editing and web technology lends to her mastery as a web developer. No detail is spared when Tia accepts a project — ensuring from start to finish her client is involved, informed and satisfied with the end result. I highly recommend Tia’s work as a Web Developer/Webmaster. Future clients need not worry about crucial projects when Tia Ross is at the helm.” – Kimberley Johnson

“Tia has shown herself to be one of the most influential women in and out of her community by the way she has taken her love for what she does and incorporated it into educating and enlightening others with the same passion. She’s encouraged and inspired many to do what they love and, most importantly, she has given them the tools needed to make it happen.” –Shirley Austin

“A master at web design, an editor, and a document guru with a phenomenal ability to coordinate and plan events, your ability to multi-task is beyond measure. You have encouraged and inspired me in many ways, not only as a successful black woman myself, but also in personal areas of my life. You have also given me the support and encouragement to begin writing and journaling my autobiography, which I hope to publish as well someday.” –Jackie Adams

“Tia brings a wealth of talents to the table. Foremost is her professionalism and eye for details. She has been a strong supporter of the literary profession through her conferences and literary services. Her writer’s conferences have been first-class events that have helped propel the careers of many writers. I am very pleased to have known her for close to a decade.” – Memphis Vaughan, Birmingham, Alabama

“Tia is a brilliant strategist and planner. She is meticulous and detailed in her organization skills and has a great knowledge base. She is outstanding with people and is timely in her work. Tia gets excellent results and has a drive that is unmatched by others. Her decision making skills are superb and she has awesome team building skills. I have worked with her for over twenty years and she has yet to not meet my expectations.” – Vincent Alexandria, Houston, Texas

“Tia is gifted with talents and abilities that take her seamlessly from working with many of us in creative arts directly into the business world. Her skills in project management, organization, web content strategies and social media integration have assisted many of us in transitioning from ‘just’ writers to entrepreneurs.” – Jeanette Hill – Playwright, Director, Author, Austin, Texas

“I have known Tia for several years and during all that time I still learn something different about her each time I work with her. She’s one of the most professional and at the same time, fun-loving people that I have ever met. The vast level of experience and skills that she has acquired over the years makes her a valued ally and a formidable opponent. She is someone who believes that you are never too old to learn and she is always open to new things and fresh ideas. Tia is one person that I know will always speak frankly and tell me the truth whether I want to hear it or not…and I love her for that! Tia’s impressive resume speaks for itself. As a meeting planner, she is one of the best and as a business professional and colleague, she is next to none! I truly value her as a business and industry partner and I cherish her as a friend!” – Dvorah Evans, CMP, CMM, CTA

“Tia Ross is a leader with vision, wit, candor and the highest degree of professionalism. I’ve worked with Tia on several small projects for BWRC and I had nothing but support and enthusiasm directed towards me. Tia is the consummate editor. She takes every task to heart and no detail is spared. Tia’s many years of experience with conference and event planning, editorial positions and management makes her an outstanding leader, director and mentor.” – Kim Johnson, Windsor, Canada

“Tia is the consummate detail-attentive and creative force that allows the client to relax. Tia Ross is a brand; the name automatically garners respect.” – Pat G’Orge-Walker, New York

“YOU are a tornado! Awesome to watch, full of poetic, yet undeniable energy—so forceful in purpose and fueled by a power much greater than you and I! Thanks for being such a wonderful mentor!” – Dr. J.L. Gray, North Carolina

Event Planning

“I’ve attended MANY writers conferences and book festivals over the years, and I must say, Tia puts on one of the best events out there for African-American authors. She has a savvy business sense, and is a fierce negotiator, which enables her to keep things affordable for conference participants. Multi-tasking is her special skill, and although she wears many hats, she does it all with quality and competence. She is also kind, gracious, and responsive — which I appreciate in a colleague/mentor — and is always willing to go out of her way to help someone out. I’ve encountered many shady individuals in the publishing biz, who are just out to make money off of naive, aspiring authors, but Ms. Ross is a woman of integrity who truly cares about the work she does and the people she works for.” – Stephanie Casher, California

“[The] video [is] a wonderful reminder of how fantastic the conference is, has been and will continue to be. I’m so thankful to receive the information and encouragement I needed to turn my “hobby” into a career back at the first conference in 2000 and I’m honored to be able to sow back into BWRC and a whole new host of enthusiastic and talented writers with my literary law workshops. Keep shining, Diva.” –Tonya Evans-Walls, Esq., CEO, Legal Write Publications; Author of Literary Law Guide for Authors, Copyright Companion for Writers, and Contracts Companion for Writers

“Tia, I hope you know that you and your staff organized a fabulous convention. I came away with so much information! Thank you! BWRC is changing lives.” –Alicia Williams

“Tia, you did an amazing job putting on this conference!”–Lauren Brown Jarvis

“BWRC allowed me to hear the struggles of the other writers and helped me know that I wasn’t alone. I was in the great company of some powerful people who needed the same push that I needed. I was able to do something I had not ever done in my life and that was to actually let people read my writing. Tia has helped increase my confidence in myself and my writing. For me, that is something that I’ve never had in my life from friends or family.

Since its inception, your Black Writers Reunion & Conference has been considered by many to be an unparalleled example of what a writers’ conference should be—an event filled with fluidity, distinction, and value. You are an inspiration due to your dedication to and success in empowering others to pursue their dreams. You envisioned and brought into fruition a movement that is positive, meaningful, uplifting, inspirational, and thoroughly professional—all at the same time.”– C. Mikki, Austin, Texas

“I don’t think I’ve attended a conference that could hold a candle to the BWRC [Black Writers Reunion u0026amp; Conference]. It was well planned and organized. Everything that was on the agenda to take place did. We walked away with an abundance of information.” –Joylynn Jossel

“The BWRC can only be described as a total EXPERIENCE. I have been to a number of conferences, both black and white, and none came close to what I experienced in Dallas. I walked away feeling renewed, revived and rededicated to the craft of writing.” –ReShonda Tate Billingsley

“As an author, I meet many people in my travels, but few have impressed me like Tia Ross. She has been encourager, director, and midwife to countless authors seeking to birth successful books. What I admire most about Tia is that she is not only a visionary, but she is also an implementer — she envisions a conference like the Black Writers Reunion, develops the plan and brings it to fruition. She envisions a web site, a brand, with tentacles that reach into different media, and she makes it happen. I have known Tia since 2000. She is professional, reliable, passionate, and committed.” – Sharon Ewell Foster, North Carolina

“Tia is an expert in the realm of producing and directing conferences. I’ve attended the Black Writers Reunion & Conference twice and each time, the event has been phenomenal. Tia’s creative genius yields an atmosphere that’s conducive to networking, education, and sales all at the same time. Her planning and execution skills are flawless as each conference has flowed seamlessly, without any quirks or disruptions. I highly recommend Tia to direct and produce your next conference. with her high level of professionalism and expertise she has produced a brand of excellence to ensure that your conference will be an event to remember.” – Sherrice Thomas, Michigan

“I attended a writing conference that Tia organized and produced. The event really showcased her in-depth knowledge of the publishing industry. From the professionally designed website and marketing materials, to the selection of relevant content and a great panel of industry professionals, Tia definitely demonstrated her expertise in the field. I’m looking forward to working with her on some upcoming editing projects.” – Dionne Hayes, Washington DC

“Kudos on another wonderful conference. Your gift is God given and with your gift – you bless all of us. Thanks so much for all that you do to promote black writers!!!” – Dr. Jay Green, North Carolina

“I owe so much to you and BWRC. I had the talent, but was stuck on now what? Not anymore. I am so prepared that everyone thinks I’ve been doing all of this for years. Thank you, sister, for facilitating my dreams.” – Nakia Laushaul, Houston, Texas

“Tia, I just want to thank you again for a job well done. This was my first time attending a BWRC conference and I really did not know what to expect. Let me just say I was simply blown away. To say it exceeded my expectations would not even begin to describe the experience for me. Spending two days among talented, intelligent, articulate women and men was in and of itself a delight. To have those individuals be Black and writers, well, it just does not get any better than that. Not only were all of the presenters encouraging and inspirational, they were without exception generous with their time and gave sound and practical advice. I believe I have made connections that will last a lifetime and I know the advice garnered will certainly add to my success as a writer. Your efforts have touched so many lives. What a grand legacy to leave and what a fine example you and your team are for others. May God richly bless you and yours.” – Carol Meeks, California

“Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! A wonderfully inspiring event for writing, but also the spirit. Congrats Tia! You’re a star! [BWRC] was a raging success on every level and has given me ideas for our own Aboriginal Writers Conference in Wollongong this year. Thank you for allowing me to be part of the program – to share, to listen, to learn and to grow as a writer. BWRC was the highlight of my professional career in the past decade! I left inspired and better skilled as a writer.” – Dr. Anita Heiss, New South Wales, Australia, Coordinator of the AustLit – Black Words, Director of Gadigal Information Services and Koori Radio, and Chair of the Australian Society of Authors

“I had some ambivalence about attending only because I have wanted to attend for soooo long, but as a wife and mother first and foremost, it seemed every year one of our daughters was graduating, had end-of-the-year programs, dance recitals and more. In 2008, we sent the last one off to college and I started looking forward to BWRC 2009 immediately. Then, the economic crisis hit us hard and money became an issue. My husband finally found a new job, but I did not want to ask him for any money, because he was holding down the fort on the homefront. The Census Bureau hired me part-time and temporary and I began saving for BWRC right away. Every time I asked my husband if he wanted me to pay a bill or two, he said, “Save for your writers’ conference. You’ve been wanting this so long.” I have attended other conferences years ago but never one run by US, for US and about US in this crazy writing/publishing business, not even one where we were even a half or a third of the participants.

As June ’09 got closer, I started wondering if there would be all these sharp, young sistahs there and I’d feel out of place. Yes, there were a lot of you, but I never felt out of place. I started wondering if everyone would be reuniting from past conferences and I’d feel alone. Yes, there was plenty of reuniting, but I didn’t feel alone. I thought I might be the only Muslim woman there and I was, but that was okay too. I realized at some point that satan was making me second-guess my plans and I had to stop and pull myself together. To get the least expensive flight, I flew from Atlantic City, New Jersey, to Fort Lauderdale and had a five-hour layover before my flight to Las Vegas. On the way back, I had a seven-hour layover, but that gave me time to see my grandson, who lives in Miami. In the end, I had such a wonderful time, was so inspired and met such beautiful women (and a few great brothas too). I have organized conferences before and I know how much hard work and commitment it takes to make everything run as smoothly as you and your team did. BIG CONGRATS!!! BWRC ’09 was well-organized, the presenters were excellent and the facilities were very nice. I am hopeful for a BWRC ’10 and hope you might consider my hometown of Atlantic City sometime in the future. Thanks again.” – Turiya S. Abdur-Raheem, New Jersey

“The conference was awesome. This was my first one, but it won’t be the last one that I attend. I intend to bring a group with me for the next one. Just fabulous!!” – Kimberly Bibbs, Texas

“Excellent job, my friend! Words cannot describe the positive vibe, the knowledge, and fellowship that existed at the conference this year. Continued success and blessings!” – Marc Lacy, Alabama

“This was my third BWRC and it was fabulous! Old faces and new faces mix and mingle as we realize we’re all connected by one single thing — the love of writing! conversation about writing, editing and publishing. This is the reason that the BWRC is so special to me; being among writers who understand each other, no matter where you are on the writing journey. I’m exhausted as I always am after these conferences. But I wouldn’t trade it for the world.” – Donna Deloney, Illinois

“I didn’t get a chance to tell you how awesome the conference was. I met so many great people and I learned so much. I had my expectations, but I left Vegas on Sunday morning feeling more fulfilled and inspired than I had ever expected. I met … a host of other wonderful writers who came with the hopes of spreading their God-given talent and making an impact on the world. I immediately felt like I was in my element, with people who understood me and my purpose. Plus it was in Vegas!” – Monique Mensah, Michigan

“Thanks Tia for the wonderful conference! I applaud you and your staff for operating in the spirit of excellence.” – Stacy Adams, Illinois

“Tia, I just want to thank you for the opportunity to attend the Black Writers Reunion Conference in Las Vegas. The news that I won the scholarship could not have come at a better time. I had just lost my stepfather in March, and my biological father in February. These two men were my biggest fans and cheerleaders, and I felt so discouraged about a lot of things. When I submitted my short story God had given me the word that I needed to stop procrastinating and being scared and move forward with my dreams. It always pays to step out on faith. I obtained so much quality information on how to self-publish my book as well as find an editor and artist for my cover. Reshonda Tate Billingsley’s workshop was awesome and informative and she is such a down-to-earth and sincere woman. M. Kali Mincy’s workshop made me feel as if I was getting information that people would pay thousands of dollars to have, and I was blessed to receive it. She kept it real with us but encouraged us to continue to make our work our number one priority. A lot of times I think that we as writers allow life’s situations to take a front seat and our aspirations to write take a back seat.

This conference has shown me that not only do I have something to say in my poetry and my stories, but that I am doing myself and my readers a disservice when I do not put my thoughts to paper and get it out there to the public. I may have a good poem or story; however, it is not doing me any good if it is just in my head. The Christian writing workshop was also informative. As a Christian woman who writes I felt hindered and fearful of what I should or could write in my stories, and Mrs. Deloney helped clear it all up for me and showed me that I was on the right track. In the end I have to stay true to myself and my work. God will work out the rest. I look forward to coming to the event next year. God Bless, and Keep up the Awesome work.” – Tyrona Hill, Philadelphia PA

“Phenomenal conference. You and the crew did a fabulous job. I want to be a part of anything you guys put together. You exuded excellence!” – Renee Flagler, New York

“I can’t begin to thank you for all that I experienced at the conference. I’m just disappointed that I hadn’t been part of the previous one. You and your staff put together more than just a conference, but new friendships, information beyond what one could ever pay for, and memories to never be forgotten. I thank you for all your hard work in putting these together and I look forward to all the ones to come. Again, thank you, Tia. Love and Peace to you and your staff.” – Jonathan Gaines, Ohio

“Having the chance to meet fellow authors and writers who I’ve connected with online, finally we came face-to-face. The experience was nothing but positive, except there wasn’t enough time.” – C.F. Jackson, Georgia

“My sister, you have given so much to writers and to the writing life. You know I wish you all the very best! It has been my pleasure and blessing to win a good number of awards, but still one of my most favorite was winning the Gold Pen Award for Best Inspirational in 2001—there’s nothing like getting love from your own family! Blessings to you.”–Sharon Ewell Foster

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