Tia Ross

Editing for Color Of Change

Color Of ChangeI’ve intensely admired modern-day civil rights leader Rashad Robinson and his team of unrelenting activists at Color Of Change for most of the last decade. I’ve been a member of their action list for longer than I can remember and have signed countless campaigns to expand power for Black people, right wrongs, and effectuate much-needed change in the ongoing quest for racial justice.

So, when my directory of Black Editors & Proofreaders led Color Of Change to me in search of an editor for their Media, Democracy & Economic Justice team and my firm, WordWiser Ink, was awarded the contract, I was beyond thrilled to become part of such of powerful tribe of people making things happen for our people! It’s so fulfilling to be able to put my God-given talents to work for the civil rights movement in such a meaningful way—in a role I’d have never imagined. 


But what I’ve learned since joining the team has merely impressed me even more. I had no idea how truly impactful Color Of Change is until I witnessed them in action from their side of the table. The changes they’ve effected this year alone have been awe-inspiring to watch, and I hope they all realize what heroes they really are for the nation of Black citizens that desperately needs them to keep fighting this war with us and for us.

If you are unfamiliar with Color of Change, not one of its 1.7 million+ members, and are otherwise not involved, they offer the easiest of ways to help them help us. Visit their website, learn about what they’ve accomplished and are about, become a member, and/or donate, and lend your voice to our roar.

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