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Tia’s Travel Agency: It’s All About Groups

As I was planning another international retreat last year, it occurred to me that the time was right to finally add a travel agency to my catalog as a division of my event startup coaching, planning, and management firm. So I created Seas to See Travel…

Seas to See Travel

Initially, the idea was for Seas to See to handle travel bookings for Boss Meetings & Events‘ clients and event attendees and ensure continuity of the high-quality, detail-attentive service I provide through my meetings and events firm. We also provide travel planning for groups to meet, tour, experience or celebrate in destinations around the world, whether for business or leisure. However, the more I learned, the less sense it made to keep them separate, so at the end of the first year I merged the two and changed the name to Boss Events & Travel LLC.

For two decades, Tia Ross has taken groups of all sizes to numerous places—to learn, to network, to explore, to create, to celebrate, to be inspired, or simply to enjoy being somewhere different—primarily through the writers’ conferences and retreats she’s hosted across North America and the Caribbean. ​Her scouting trips in search of locations for future events increasingly landed her in exotic tropical locales.

Because Tia would always incorporate adventurous excursions into her trips, photos and videos from her exciting tours and activities continually generated new and renewed interest among her friends, family, and clients wanting to join her on future travels. Tia became increasingly interested in starting her own travel agency for her meeting clients and making it easier and more affordable for her tribe to fly away with her.

Boss Events & Travel handles group leisure, academic, and business bookings for families, friends, clubs, students, athletes, and more where overnight accommodations with a minimum of ten rooms is required. Tell us where you want to go, when, for how long, and what you’ll need or want to do while there, and we can help you to find accommodations and negotiate a favorable contract so that you can relax and plan for your trip. Boss Events & Travel can take care of the details relating to airport transfers and ground transportation, excursions, flights, and even travel insurance. Ready to book your trip or need more details? Click the button below.

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